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Nomada Music was born from a personal bond with a people in the Sahara desert, the Kel Tamasheq or Tuaregs, and from the love for their culture, especially for their music...  A chance meeting in Niamey in 2016 is the origin of this project that has been built little by little and step by step just walking.

Today Nomada Music is a brand focused on the promotion and accompaniment of Tuareg music bands, with the aim of encouraging their artistic and professional development. .Nomada Music is also specialized in music rights management and offers guidance and advice in this area, especially to artists from French-speaking Africa.


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Nomada Music work currently in the artistic accompaniment of the mythical desert band Etran Finatawa (Niger), created in 2004 by Tuareg and Wodaabes musicians who mix the traditional

music of their people with western instruments such as the electric guitar.

We also take care of the 360º management of Dag Tenere, one of the last Tuareg music band made up of artists from Niger, Mali

and Burkina Faso.

With the firm conviction that desert blues is much more than a musical style within the vast "World Music", Nomada Music works on the specificity of each group and the promotion of their unique sound horizons in a constantly evolving music industry.



"Make your wound a song of love to forget that you suffer"

Tuareg proverb

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The music of the desert people

Created in 2004 during a festival near Tombouctou, the mythial band Etran Finatawa is composed of musicians from the Tuareg and Wodaabe ethnic groupes, two nomadic peoples of the Sahara desert.


With four albums released with World Music Network between 2006 and 2013 and several international tours, the band disappeared from the stage in 2015 to re-form in 2019 with its founder, Ghalitan Khamidoune, back at the helm.

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Authentic blues rock tuareg

Tihoussay Tenere
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Dag Tenere ("children's desert") is a band of Tuareg artists from Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. Created in 2016 in Niamey (Niger), the group mixes traditional Tuareg sounds (through multiple percussion instruments) with a modern rock and blues, creating an atmosphere that takes us to the peaceful life of the desert.

Dag Tenere is a promising group that has self-produced an album in 2018 and and EP in 2021.

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Nomada Music collaborates with various artists from West Africa, especially from Burkina Faso and Niger, in the promotion and appreciation of their music within and outside their borders.

Nomada Music offers its services of guidance and consultation to other artists with the simple objective of exchanging ideas that can lead to collaborative projects.

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